The time we could all managed and arranged for this congress as to meet  each other in person was quite valuable….infact we were very lucky enough despite of  there is long distance between us geographically  but this congress provided   we come together too  close  and hopefully via email from now onward  we will be continued.

On  behalf of  the dean and organizer would like cordinally pass all of  you word of thanks  for accepting and joining us in this congress and beside your lectures accepting to conduct  one full day hard-workshop,  The organizer will keep remembering  your effort’s made  for maximum input for participated students in each workshop. Everybody was happy  for being with each one of you and learning something applicable for his or her future practice work…..that is enough for all of us to see our students are happy and satisfied…..I do draw your attention for few important concluded points..

1-      We have two official journal (one in English and second one Persian) we want honorably to be member of editorial board in English Journal which will be a credit for that journal …if to send us your complete full CV….We follow the matter….

2-      Our faculty is ready to offer summer trimester for volunteer student to have their Externship or even Internship in our small and large animal hospital …for summer vacation ( 2 to 3 months )

3-      Our faculty is ready to accept the student as a guest student  for one or two semester provided the student be in final year just for clinical rotations ( involved in clinical subjects)

4-      Our  faculties in clinical departments ready to offer suitable title for under and even post graduate students for research title leading  to complete their dissertation

5-      Our faculties ready to have splits project with two   guides for your or even our students. This project will done partially in Iran and partially in your institution

6-      We are ready to invite any one ready to deliver lecture and conduct workshop and having maximum free talk for guiding students to boost up students confidences and skill for their future.

7-      Our faculty is ready to welcome a team of visitors from your institution for further formal collaboration between our two universities.

8-      Our faculty welcome further any direct contact between researchers in our both universities

9-      If you think  it is time to get interaction going on  we can encourage our student to apply for 6 months period of sabbatical /research keeping in view diversity of course-work and disciplines

10-  Our faculty ready to send small group of scientists to analyze infrastructure of your esteem institution… for further official you think it is possible..?

Anyhow…if you get time to discuss the above mentioned issues with Chancellor, Dean, Director of Research or even Head of Department…  Wish you good health and mood forever…





Dr .Davood Sharifi

Professor of Surgery

Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

University of Tehran.Tehran.Iran

P.O.Box :14156453 0098-9123194096




Workshop Discount:
50% off is considered for post- graduation students in veterinary surgery and radiology.


In The Name Of God

On behalf of the organizing committee, Iranian Veterinary Surgery Association and University of Tehran, It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend in the 5th International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) and the 13th Iranian Symposium of Veterinary Surgery, Anesthesia and Diagnostic imaging (ISVSAD), that will be held on December 5-7, 2017 with University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

This symposium will serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among scientists, scholars and practitioners in related fields. It will feature papers and presentations on recently completed and on going projects conducted by researchers from universities and institutions from around the world, as well as distinguished guest speakers and panelists.

We hope that scientific excellence beside local and regional attractions of Tehran leads to an unforgettable event. If you know someone who might also like to attend please forward this invitation.

We are looking forward seeing you in Tehran.

Sincerely yours

IVSA Secretariat



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