Iranian Veterinary Surgery Association (IVSA) founded on 1999 with the 1st Iranian Symposium of Veterinary Surgery. Ministry of Sciences, research and technology officially accepted the registration of IVSA on 2004. IVSA has held Symposiums of Veterinary Surgery, Anesthesia and Diagnostic imaging (ISVSAD) in Tehran, Shiraz, Urmia, Ahvaz, Shahrekord, Mashhad, Kerman, Tehran, Kish Island, Tabriz and Mashhad. In 2005, the 1st International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) in Shahrekord University was held that was a new step toward international place of IVSA and followed by the second ISVS in Kerman (2008), third in Kish Island (2011) and fourth in Mashhad (2014). Regional Conference on Cow Comfort and Lameness is new activity of the IVSA that was held on May 2016 and will continue in next years.

Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery ( is the official scientific and research Journal of IVSA that covered scientific papers about different fields of surgery, anesthesia and diagnostic imaging in English language. The first issue of the journal published on 2007 and continues biannually. “Healing” is the extension journal of the IVSA that published in Farsi language from 2013. IVSA newsletter published on a monthly basis.

More than 300 members that are specialist in veterinary surgery, anesthesia and diagnostic imaging (or postgraduate students in related fields) are members of the IVSA.

IVSA is deeply interested to develop different scientific groups in each part of the association. Lameness group is the first scientific group that supported a webpage and the above mentioned conference. Other proposed groups are Acupuncture, Tissue engineering, Diagnostic imaging and we are working to achieve more scientific and professional groups.

Because of the activity of the IVSA, we got the first rank (Rank A) among scientific associations of the ministry of science, research and technology. This is an excellent achievement cause less than 10% of the associations were ranked in this position.